1.         Each slip tenant will have the use of the slip designated in the Slip Reservation and Confirmation Agreement or Dockage Agreement for the sole purpose of docking the vessel.

2.         All vessels will comply with Bahamian laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the operation and maintenance of vessels.

3.         No vessel will be operated within the marina basin so as to create a wake.

4.         All tenants must maintain insurance at all times for their vessels with the policies having general liability coverage in an amount equal the value of the vessel but not less than $500,000 USD.

5.         Each slip tenant will be responsible for pumping their vessel when necessary.  Vessels showing unusual leakage must be repaired or removed from the marina, at the owner’s sole cost and expense. It is the responsibility of the owner and captain of any vessel showing unusual leakage to report the hazard immediately to the Dockmaster.

6.         Should any vessel sink in the marina, it will be the responsibility of the owner to remove the vessel from the marina within 24 hours without cost, expense or damage to the marina. If the vessel is not removed, the Dockmaster will remove the vessel at the owner’s sole cost and expense. Owner accepts full responsibility for any damage to marina docks, piling and hardware, any marina property, environmental damage/cleanup and/or any other vessel and any fines or damages.

7.         The marina is designated as a quiet zone from 10.00pm until 8.00am every day. Noise during these and other times will be kept to a minimum. Owners, captains, crew and their guests will use the utmost discretion in operating marine engines, radios and televisions and/or other equipment so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance in the marine area.

8.         Advertising or soliciting will not be permitted on or from any vessel moored in the marina, nor will any for sale, for charter, for hire or any such signs be placed on any vessels at any time without the express and written consent from the General Manager.

9.         Vessel maintenance or repair activities that are reasonable anticipated to result in any discharges or release of oils or greases associated with engine or hydraulic repairs, and the release of metal-based bottom paints associated with hull scraping, cleaning and painting is prohibited. Exceptions will only be made in emergency conditions which have resulted in or can result in the sinking of a vessel. Minor repairs and vessel maintenance that will not cause or contribute to the release of water pollutants and which are performed by owners, captains, crew or qualified marine mechanics are allowed.

10.       In the event that a vessel or other equipment is to be loaned or boarded by persons in the absence of the owner, captain or crew, the Dockmaster must be notified in advance as to allow the Dockmaster to verify authorization.

11.       The Dockmaster’s office will be notified each time a vessel leaves the marina slip for an extended period. As the term is used herein, an extended period will constitute a period wherein the vessel will not be utilizing the slip for a period of 48 hours.

12.       Children will be the direct responsibility of their parents or legal guardians, including full supervision of them while at the marina.

13.       Pets will be the direct responsibility of their owners; dogs will remain leashed at all times on the property.

14.       Violation of any of the rules and regulations or any misconduct or immoral or offensive behavior by a vessel owner, its captain, crew or such tenants invitees, licensees or agents, which might injure a person, cause damage to property, be considered in bad taste by the Dockmaster or cause harm to the reputation of Romora Bay Resort and Marina, will be cause for immediate removal from the marina of the vessel and persons in question, upon order of the Dockmaster, and will be deemed sufficient reason to deny future requests for dockage and cancel slip rental contracts.

15.       Romora Bay Resort and Marina will have the right, but will not be required, to remove any vessel from the marina which fails to comply with these Rules and Regulations.

16.       In the event a hurricane warning is issued for Harbour Island and/or Eleuthera, all vessels will have 24 hours to depart Romora Bay Resort and Marina.