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Discover the Best in Harbour Island Bahamas Hotels

Unspoiled Beauty at the Bahamas Harbour Island Resort

Visit the place that Conde Nast Traveler ranked as one of the "Best Beaches in The World" and Fodor's says has "best Bahamas beaches." Though Harbour Island has been called "the best island beach in the world" by major travel publications, it is still one of the best kept secrets in the Bahamas. Few people know of the romantic little island known as "Briland" by the locals. Less than four miles long and a half-mile wide, Harbour Island is a sleepy retreat with unique, slightly rustic charm. It's a tranquil place to let your hair down, kick off your shoes and unwind. Our hotels on Harbour Island Bahamas and near some of the most popular attractions and beautiful sights in the area. 

These romantic beaches are a favorite of professional photographers from around the world. Many fashion designers, major retailers, and lifestyle magazines have traveled to Harbour Island, Bahamas for location photo shoots because of the island's unmatched beauty and charm.

Beneath the Surface

Beyond the pristine beaches and below the blue waters lies a vibrant network of coral reefs. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular pastimes to take in the underwater beauty and get a glimpse of interesting and unusual marine life. Current Cut Dive is one place famous amongst divers across the world and is known for its extremely rapid current.

Harbour Island Lifestyle

Central to Harbour Island is Dunmore Town. This quaint, colorful community features old Victorian structures painted in Bahamian pastel paints. Friendliness is the town motto and the happy smiles of the locals belie just how much they love their island.

Take Your Golf Cart to Town

Getting around Harbour Island is fun! Golf carts are the transportation mode of choice, and they make getting to know others on the island so much easier. Walking is another favorite, and you are guaranteed never to get lost. Rent a golf cart from Romora Bay Resort and Marina by calling us at 242-333-2325 or 1-800-365-0519.

The Perfect Climate

The weather on Harbour Island is delightful, especially during the late winter and spring when there is very little rain. Ocean breezes take the edge off moderately warm temperatures ranging from the 70s to 80s during the day and the high 60s at night. Lull yourself to sleep at night with the sounds of the ocean heard through an open window.

Harbour Island, Bahamas
Harbour Island, Bahamas Festivals
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